Tuesday, January 31, 2012

To Clarify...

In the past few days submissions have been pouring in and only about 2 DJ's are actually worth posting. I need to be more clear in what we want from you. The site is looking for *original* mixes in FLAC that we can post on our bandcamp page. They have to be FLAC because bandcamp automatically converts it to mp3. These can incorporate different styles but must remain hiphop or oldies oriented. These days dj's incorporate alot of stuff like electronica, glitch, dub, dubstep and can still remain hiphop ie:d-styles. It's a fine line. Please dont send us cut and paste jobs from 128 files. Be good at scratching and or mixing.

The first FLAC CAST was just a quick mix with revenge type songs, future endeavors may incorporate different elements like original production and or mixing styles and scratching. Throwing together a good playlist and mixing it is great but putting together a routine can take some time.Oh and send an example of your skills so we can decide to go ahead  or not with your music.

The reason we started this was because with over ten million hits, people have started to trust our "musical taste." I wish to continue spreading this knowledge with our mixes. We CARE about music and want to get it to you however we can. If you wish to come along for the ride then that'd great. We will NOT be going backwards. That era of the site is DEAD. This place has taken countless hours out of our lives and having it all gone was sad but it's motivating to build something up again from an idea. We hope to keep *real* hiphop alive in anyway we can.


  1. I have a mix I did back in April 2003 that I can share... 60 minutes. Mixed with intro and scratching. PUTS, AB Rude, Primeridian, Medina Green, Zion I... Etc.

    Hit me up if you're interested: swizzle@rogers.com

    P.S. I can only find the .MP# file. Hope that's not a problem.

  2. I'm not trying to get down on you, but a mix you made 9 years ago thats only MP3, does not fit what the description Ben made. And if YOU are serious about this and have a mix in FLAC or WAV, then contact our email with a link to the mix. No link equals no interest on our part and we will not bother emailing you about it.

  3. I was worried for a minute - maintain the quality

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  5. Hey guys, too bad the site is down... These new i-net rules are affecting us all.
    This was always a great place to check new or unknown stuff as a preview and I if liked it, go cop the vinyl. So first of all thanx for that!

    I know you guys are into breaks and funk aswell, so maybe you can out a mix I did last summer '30 minutes of fonk'. (http://www.mixcloud.com/Droppa/dj-droppa-30-minutes-of-fonk-vol1/). If you like it, I'll send you the .wav.

    Greetz from overseas,